Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

Yesterday we went to the Toledo Zoo with Maeve, Rory, Finn, Ms. Mary, Ms. Callie, Genevieve, and Vivienne. At the Toledo Zoo, we went to Africa while we were watching for Ms. Callie and the girls. At Africa we didn’t see a lot of things. What we did see was : ? . We also did a lot of posing since there was tons of statues. Me and Rory loved sitting on the heads of statues. One statue looked like our cats! There was a big momma tiger, (Pika) a little cub playing with its tail (Charlotte) and another cub rubbing against the momma’s cheek. (Pierre). Then Ms. Callie got there. We went over across the bridge and went to the aviary. We saw cardinals, African birds, forest birds, hello Pierre, and much more. We then had lunch. Charlotte is typing for you We had lunch at the Birdfeeder. We all had sandwiches (except Genevieve, Vivienne, Finn who had baby food and pizza). There was a bird’s nest that we were playing in. While we were eating, it was raining. Quickly, while it was dry, we went through the primate forest and ran to the aquarium. At the aquarium we saw fish and fish, and shark and a turtle. There were even piranhas! Then we got ice cream. I had a twist with rainbow sprinkles. Then we saw polar bears, seals and tons of other things. After that we went to the gift shop. Rory got a mouse. Me and Rory started playing a game while we were driving to Pizza Hut. At Pizza Hut I had pizza with sauce. I love going to the Toledo Zoo.
BYE!! =Liv

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