Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Camp Mirage Siege of the forbidden age part 3

Today, wasn`t bad at all. We didn`t do any challenges of other camps, we played gaga and got to make siege engines (WWWHHHHHHOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!! JJJJ JJ). What happened when we started was we did a song and then found our counselors, which was when we started our catapults. (Evil laugh time.) What it was it was mostly was assembling the body and then using 6 pieces to make the arm. It actually took us a while but we finished it. Which during the brakes we did the canteen, and Gaga, both of which was fun (`cept for the fact I had no money to spend…). At the gaga pit we did a fun game of it aganst Dan’s camp (`cept for Jerkiodo.) which I lost the grudge. After we finally finished the catapult I and another caper got into a catapult war, which I got him with my messed-up-but-that-only-made-it-better catapult in the fore head which all four of us thought was funny, even him!! Really it was as fun as the first day…


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