Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michigan Adventure!!!

On Monday, Maeve and Rory came to spend the night. We started playing Barbies but never finished because we went to get ice cream then. We walked. I got World Class Chocolate, Maeve ?, Luke, who knows?(Don’t tell him that because I’m sitting right next to him.), Rory ?, Dad, oreo mint chocolate chip. Then, we’re off to go to Giggleland in the wonderful wonderful land of giggles. (translated, bed.) We were awake most of the night talking, telling stories. Then, Tuesday, we went to Michigan Adventure with them. First we did rollercoaster’s here are a few and how many times we rode them:
Ride Times
Scrambler 2
Zach’s Zoomer 2
Airplanes 1
Thunderhawk 1
Corkscrew 1
Spinny Thing(unknown) 1
And a couple of others I don’t remember. Then we went to the water park. The rides are: the funnel of fear, snakepit, wave pools, and green and white slide. Then we went to dinner, (Pizza Hut.) and ice cream.

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