Monday, August 17, 2009

Camp Mirage-Siege of the forbidden age

Today was, in words: Awesome, outrageous, cool, funny, totally unnerving, and sweet! I did the fly trap in the beginning, and I think that one kid was using some words of a song or singing a song, and then I saw some of my old friends, Dennis, (from Camp Mirage splashes of time.) and also Jacob, (also from CMSOT.) but only Dennis said hi because I don`t think that Jacob saw me. My friends that I made were: Sam, who was really goofy, and A lot more people whose names I can`t remember (AAGGGHHH!!!). The games we played were: gaga, Green glass door, picnic, and my personal favorite, the challenge and castle ball. The challenge was, we had to help Sir Randy (our counselors.) expand his land but our opposition saw us and raised the draw bridge, so we have to swing to the pressure plate to open the bridge and storm the castle. The first thing we did was we tied my towel to Sam’s shoe and use it like a whip and catch the rope, after a few tries we did it. The best part about the castle game (like dodge ball.) was I nailed the team`s hardest player, Randy in the shoulder twice!! Not that hard though, we had lost the first but we won the rest of the games after that. So really it was awesome!!!!!!!.

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