Monday, August 3, 2009

Avatar the last air bender- Into the inferno

An amazing story, hilarious dialogue, and ridiculous animation. What could be the best game of the goofed spoofs?? This one in-definitely!! It begins when Aang, the avatar, (a warrior who can use all the elements, but Aang can only use three so far, water, air(his first one) and earth.) wakes up on a ship, which his friends Katara, Sokka, Soph, and Katara`s and Sokka`s father have stolen but that still has soldiers on board. Then that`s where you pick up the stylus and learn the basics, which include: running, (easy,) fighting, (not too hard,) and controlling the elements water and earth,(you make tornados with Aang!!!!!) (Not so easy depending on the element.). You explore many places in the game but I have only done 4. These include: a ship mentioned earlier, a factory, a prison, (where you play as Katara and Soph.) and a cave, (where you play as Soph and Sokka.) The full cast of characters include: (playable) Aang, the last air-bender, and the avatar, a powerful warrior who is supposed to save the world, Katara, a girl who finds Aang and teaches him water-bending, Sokka, Katara`s brother and warrior of the water tribe, Soph, Aang`s blind friend and earth-bending teacher.(Others)prince Zoko`s sister, fire nation solider, fire-bender, and switches. Really it`s a good game and I think people would like it.

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