Friday, August 7, 2009

The marvelous land of Oz

A great spin-off, magic spells and potions, a double-gendered main character, and lots of goofy creatures. What else could be an amazing story of the other adventurers of the first book? Nada, that`s what. The story starts out with our hero, tip, wants to scare his guardian/ evil witch Mombi. So, he makes a creature like thing which he names Jack pumpkin-head. But as soon as Mombi gets back she uses a powder that turns things into living thing instead of being inanimate objects. The three examples of the powder are: Jack pumpkin-head, the saw-horse, and the Gump machine. After Mombi threatens to turn tip into a statue, he steals Jack back, and the duo runs away. All the characters are: Tip, Lack, the Scarecrow, the Tin woods-man, and the saw-horse and Gump. I really think it’s a good book, and I think anyone who liked the first book, would like this.

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