Monday, July 30, 2012

Duct-tape dilemma

Can one make a duct tape wallet that isn`t bad??? Can they?!?!?!

·         Duct-tape (duh.)
·         Scissors (possible adult supervision required)
·         Ruler or other measuring tool
·         (optional) Marker/pens

1.       Make eight pieces of 7-10 inch pieces of duct-tape, and lay them on top of one another in groups of four, with a quarter of an inch overlap. Take one of the groups and lay it on top of the other to make a “fabric”.
2.       Fold the new piece in half, and take a new piece of duct-tape the same length as the short edge of the fold. Cover said fold, and then tape other fold in the same manner.
3.       (Extra) to make a pocket, take two pieces of tape, on larger than the other. Place the small piece on the sticky side of the large piece, with the sticky parts together. Then, trim the edges of the large piece so that it can fit on the inside of the wallet.

Livi didn`t make a too bad wallet, although she didn`t have pockets. She then proceeded to attempt to shove it off on me.

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