Friday, July 20, 2012

Luke book review

Morpheus road
(Note: this is a basis of the two-out of three books I`ve been able to obtain)
                It all starts when Coop, Marsh`s best friend and Sydney`s brother, disappears when he goes up to his family`s cottage for the whole summer. Marsh begins to be haunted by a character he made himself, a freakish ghoul that tries to kill him. He also starts seeing a Celtic, triple swirl pattern, which eventually leads him to Sydney.
                Meanwhile, Coop is in the Black, which some call… no, never mind I don`t want to spoil it. He repeatedly helps Marsh in the Light, trying to help him figure out his fate, while trying to avoid a total border-war against Damon the Butcher, a thousand-year old commander of Alex the Great`s, who wants total domination.
                I found this book series to be really good, mostly due to its unique perspective on a very daunting aspect of life, which some of us may have had a hard time contemplating. It does have its parts though, where it may be more for an older group (sorry kids) because of absolute idiocy and freakish events inside the storyline and minds of the characters.

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