Thursday, July 5, 2012

Farm plan close to reality for Detroit-Luke


Farm plan close to reality for Detroit
                I honestly believe that this is a very good idea. I learned that of the population of Detroit, most people weren`t getting enough good food, (not starving) and some people were starting to make community gardens, similar to what the Hantz Farming co. is trying to do now. So, this means if it works, people will be getting healthier foods, and Detroit may (I think) get a better economical stand, because it won`t need to keep paying for abandoned buildings, because those will be removed for farmland.
On the other hand, it may cause housing problems if an economic boom happens in Detroit due to the new farms. If people start moving to Detroit because it`s becoming better off, a lack of housing may occur, because the houses the people could`ve moved into are now farms. It seems to be unlikely to me, though, and even if it were to happen, I`d say “And?” because if people from somewhere else are just coming here to mooch off Detroit because it got better, not because they need jobs or anything that they can`t find in their other home, so they can live the high life, the lack of housing kinda would help.
So, all in all, the idea of selling part of the eastern part of the city to make farmland seems to be a good idea to me. I don`t know if the effects will all be good, but it seems to be a good option.

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