Thursday, July 5, 2012

Liv-New particle found

Knowledge is power

What is a particle ? A particle is a speck or small portion of something. But just one particle could unleash the answers to a decades long search. The relationship of why all matter has mass and a new side of subatomic science. That small particle is called the higgs particle, proposed first theoretically in the 1960’s.
       Scientists celebrated as 2 independent teams announced the high tech findings in Geneva, Switzerland. The CERN, [ European center for nuclear usually sedate, burst into often applause and physicists who had spent their career searching for the higgs particle cried. The recently discovered particle shares qualities with the acclaimed higgs particle, and is probably the greatest accomplishment at CERN since its creation. Rolf hewer, the director of CERN, says that the particle is a boson. A boson is a particle that has a even number of protons and electrons. the higgs boson is the key to understanding why matter has mass.
       Inside the CERN’s atom smasher, protons fly around a 17 mile tunnel underground. The protons whiz by at nearly light speed and the collisions aftermath can help  with clues to dark matter, antimatter, and the beginning of the universe.
       I believe this is important because atoms are made up of protons and electrons, which in turn are made of quacks and so on. Scientists were always puzzled as to how they acquire  mass. Higgs’s theory was that ‘ a new particle must be creating a sticky field that created a drag on other particles.’ Now that that particle creating a sticky field is found, scientists can understand the question of why matter has mass 

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