Monday, July 16, 2012

Can Onions and a Sports drink Charge an iPod??-submitted by Luke

Can Onions and a Sports drink Charge an iPod??
·         Onion
·         Electrolyte-enhanced sports drink (PowerAde, Gatorade, etc.) PowerAde in our case, of 20 ounces, or enough to cover the onion
·         Screwdriver or other thin, pointy objects (No swords for this kids, sorry) (parental supervision possibly required)
·         Charger cable (USB port and part you put in media player)
·         Dead or low battery level Media player (iPod, MP3, etc.)
·         Large jar or deep container
·         Timer (optional)
·         Cloths to dry off wet instruments
What we did:
1.       Take the onion and screwdriver, and poke two holes on opposite side of the onion
2.       Place the onion  in the container, and then pour the sports drink so it covers the onion (Perfectionist`s note: the onion may float, so this is fine as long as the holes are close enough to the drink that it can soak the onion`s tissues. And no, I don`t mean Kleenex.)
3.       Wait thirty minutes…. (This is the most boring part. I actually wrote most of the post during this time… ZZZZZZ)
4.       Take the onion out, and place the USB part in the onion.
5.       Place the charger part into the media player
6.       Wait (AGAIN?!?? NOOOOOO!!!!!!) For a few minutes (oh.) to see if anything happens.
7.       State your result and finish a report.
I honestly thought this wouldn`t work in the least. I know that a lemon could be able to do something like this, but that had something to do with its electrolytes and its acidity.
And… I was… Right!! The onion-juice mix doesn`t work at all, and all my sis got was a USB full of Onion!
(Author`s note: To those of you who find the 2nd video annoying, I apologize. I think that the conclusion should be at the end of an experiment, not said in the mid-end-non-finish. I am sorry if it was annoying hearing us.)
Mom's note-I can't post the videos because they are too long!  I do have them saved if you are ever interested......
Best regards to all those willing to put up with our experiments,
 Luke Melville

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