Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mrs. Mary`s B-day science museum exhibition by Luke

Mrs. Mary`s B-day science museum exhibition
This. Was. FUN!
It was a pretty enjoyable time at the imagination station. I particularly liked the “Boyo” thing, although it was probably because I got higher than anyone else on it, (at least higher than Maeve, Rory, and Liv) and also I liked watching the uneven Tug-O-War thing (who wouldn`t like seeing a little kid win against a whole group of other kids? It looked almost herculean, it was so funny).
                It didn`t help that some of the exhibits were pretty hands-on, so I basically could do almost anything to examine things allowing me to view it better. The Mind Zone part was especially neat. Olivia and I could actually tell the difference with the optic illusion, so it was a bit fun (Maeve and Rory couldn`t tell though) watching others try and figure out how to see the different things (there was this one illusion, that no matter how hard they looked at the lines in the square, they couldn`t see the circle within the lines because of their thinness. I couldn`t discern the thickness of each of the lines either, but I could see the basic outline if I looked even straight at it.)
                It was even enjoyable when we had to take care of a little one each. (I got Finn) They pretty much had never been here before, or didn`t remember it, because they were as willing as we were to check out anything that moved. (Maeve was a little infatuated with the little kid`s zone, she thought it was cute how all the little kids made a bit of a community in their play.) Finn and I loved the Hurricane winds tester. (They all laughed at my hair going flat, too…)
                So it was fun for me, and I think Mrs. Mary got THREE presents from my family, (the gift in the bag) including my Happy B-Day hug and this blog post. I hope you had a relaxing day Mrs.Mary!! 

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