Friday, July 20, 2012

Olivia's review. . .

 . . .and no they did not know that they did it on the same book.  Guess this is a trilogy worth checking out.  They read at least 10 books a week so for them to pick the same one, it must have made an impact.

Morpheus Road: the light
    Morpheus road is about a boy named marshall seavers.his mom died in a accident and his father is away a lot. He lives in stony brook, Connecticut, and works at a trophy shop with mark dimond. [ pendragon references!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] marsh’s best friend is a trouble kid and is sent to spend the summer at his family’s lake cabin. He goes missing. Marshall needs to find him, and along the way get some answers
       Morpheus road: the light is the first ina trilogy by D.J McHale. The second book is the black, and the third is the blood. I don’t know if the blood is really the title of the third book but its my guess. The story contains some intresting twists and imposing obstacles.i liked the story and if you are a scary story lover, you will too. 


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