Thursday, July 12, 2012

B-ball BFF battle-Luke

                Adam Jones of the Orioles, and Quintin Berry of the Tigers… The two have been friends since high-school, and are going to play their first game against each other in the majors. Wow. That`s actually slightly touching and exciting at the same time. (Is that even possible, anyways???)
                I personally think it is rather neat that two players have known each other for so long (twenty years straight!!!), and are even celebrating at the prospect of playing each other again. For me, I don`t think I`d be all that excited to play my friend, because one of us would have to lose, so I`d feel a little bad. Unless my relationship was more bro-rival-friends, where it was a bit more competitive, and we would purposely trying to best each other. (I think b-ball buddies would be more like this, though.)
                Both men are saying that they are wildly excited to play each other, (namely because they never have before, somehow) and can`t wait. I think I`m actually a little excited, and I`m waiting for the results pretty expectantly (I`ll bet Bumpa`ll actually watch it too, if only because it`s a Tigers game, if not because of the Rivalry-thing, like I might. I think.)

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