Friday, July 27, 2012

Luke book review

Struts and Frets
                This is the high school life of Samuel Bojoer, a guy whose full life probably sucks in the extreme. His mother is a therapist, the frontman in his band, Joe, is a total meat-head who is only in because he can beat the other three members in  a fight (or in that case, massacre) can`t sing for his life, and Sam`s beginning to have “feelings” (Note: this is not the words used. There IS a reason this book was put in the young adult`s section.) for his oldest friend, Jen5 (It`s because there were 4 other Jennifer).
                This book was pretty amusing, namely because the characters seem to have an almost “real” feel, (although some things the author probably didn`t know about now modern teens/high-schoolers) with the random emotions, and also because one of Sam`s friends, Rick, is homosexual, which is actually more or less a lot more common in today`s society (and to those of you who are anti-gay/don`t like gay people/find it “blasphemous” (in case you`re religious), shut it. It`s their choice, jerks.) And it adds a bit more depth to the relation Sam shares with Rick, because he had never known that Rick was homosexual before.
                I also felt that it was a good story because of how Sam and Jen5 grew over the course of the book (well, grew together, as a couple, y`know?) because both were discouraged by their parents (sadly) to quit what they wanted to be most (which was an artist and musician, respectively.) and become doctors or lawyers (I hate lawyers, they`re the ones who become politicians, and I`ve never been too fond of visiting doctors/health agencies in general) instead, which I found to be dumb as heck.
                It wasn`t a bad book. That`s the most honest thing I can say about it. I can`t say it was the best, but I liked it.

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