Saturday, July 7, 2012

Liv book review

Miss               Home for                       children
     Peregrins                 peculiar
      Miss Peregrins home for peculiar children starts out with a character named Jacob. He is talking about a event in your life where after it, everything is referred to as Before and After.then, it begins as his grandfather telling his stories. He escaped Poland to get away from the monsters, and found refuge in a magical island guarded by a bird with a pipe, where the children had special powers.His grandfather would then show him his pictures. A unhappy contortionist, a boy with a puppy’s body,a girl in a bottle… 10 years later, Jacob is working at a drug store. He receives a call from his grandfather and his grandpa is frantically searching for a key, the key to his shed where he keeps his guns.”the monsters are coming for me” he screams. Jacob goes home to check on him and finds the house ripped apart .he ventures to the woods and finds his grandfather almost dead. His last words are cryptic and vague.’find the bird. In the loop. On the other side of the old mans grave. September 3rd,1940.emerson- the letter.’ He sees a face with multiple toungues in the woods right after and  has nightmares for months. Him, his father and his aunt also have to clean out his house.his aunt finds a book, a book by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Tucked inside is a letter and a photo. The photo is of a miss peregrine, the headmisstress  of the orphanage he really went to, instead of the fantasies he made. The address was in the wales and he convinced his parents to let him go there. He discovers the orphanage, and what happens next is anybodies guess.
          I thought this book was really cool, albeit a little scary.the plot is interesting, but what I  thought was awesome was the fact that instead of describing the photos they actually have them in the book. Fact is, the photos are all real ones that people found. You should read this book.  

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