Friday, July 13, 2012

Luke's review of Camp Mirage

Camp Mirage
                This week was the only week I was getting to go to a FUN summer camp (and if you think Geometry is fun, try being Me.) at camp Mirage. It was pretty enjoyable overall, with only a few minor issues.
                At first my team had a harder time working together (Grant, you nut.) because of some people`s oddities. We didn`t do half bad later, although we did have a traitor (Mihere… Why? Answer me, WHY?!) Who eventually was just transferred to the other team? We all did well with individual challenges, although the team ones were the more difficult ones, due in part to an individual (there were more than one) in each challenge who rushed ahead and didn`t think for the team (like the time I forgot we ALL had to go through the net).
                It wasn`t total rivalry, though. I made friends with Jason, who was on the other team, and we had a pretty good time at the top of the Flytrap each day (he preferred guns instead of swords/knives/b-ball bats against zombies though. I don`t know why.) talking about anything that caught our minds and didn`t let go, albeit it was mostly zombie survival. So I made friends and enjoyed myself this week, and I think this stay for a while with me.

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