Thursday, July 19, 2012

In honor of Fern,

Instead of blogging about an article in news, I asked the kids to respond to the big news in our house-the addition of Fern Stielstra to our extended family :)

Dear Nate,
There are some things you should know about having a little sister. (I would know. I actually have a little sis.) I hope you take this advice seriously (at least when you can read this.) and know that I mean all of the things in this letter.
1.       Little sisters can be ANNOYING. They usually figure out how to push your buttons at an early age, and they also steal all the attention with something “cute”. (It`s not even close)
2.       Your little sister will also have a tendency to do evil things, like steal stuff from your room, mostly because it goes along with the first point, but sometimes it is just because they want it.
3.       Do not let your little sister copy you. This not only leads occasionally to the first point, but it may also cause sibling fighting later on, which it is likely you could end up getting blamed for.
And now for some better stuff!
1.       Little sisters can actually be (sometimes) fun! They may have some of the same likes/dislikes as you, and that can lead to enjoyable conversations/games/etc.etc.etc.
2.       You will now have a playmate/friend, when you`re both older (and, let`s face it, almost everyone besides Fern is older than you by quite a margin.) so you can do things with her.
3.       If it`s allowed, SHE`S THE PERFECT PRANK SUBJECT!!!
4.       You officially have another family member.(YAHHHOOOO!!!!)
From your unofficially adopted cousin (With best regards),

Luke E. Melville
Official artist and semi-manga writer

Dear Fern,
10 things you should know about having a big brother.
10)              You have to compromise
9) Your brother will not comprehend when you say I don’t have anything to wear, but he will sometimes suggest something that is wearable
8) Piggyback rides are always worth it. ;)
7) Sharing = good, greedy = no no
6) He will annoy you. Be prepared. Have a bull horn.
5) He must knock to come in your room. Unless you share one. Then he has to knock and ask.
4) He’s not that much older…..
3) If you play a game, bargain.  You want this, he wants that, you play yours first and his some other time.
2) He might let you borrow things if you ask nicely.
1) No matter what, he loves you.


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