Friday, July 13, 2012

Olivia book review

The Ruby Key
      The ruby key is part of the moon and sun series and it is the first book. The main characters are a girl named genna [14] and danith [12] genna and dan live in a world where there 2 types of people. The day people, the humans, and the nightlings. The humans are allowed out from the rising of the sun to the setting. As you may have guessed, the nightlings rule the night. Once a year there is an offering night. The humans give the nightlings what they have and the nightlings do likewise. It is offering night. Genna and Dan’s father is missing and has been for a while. Their father was the caer, the leader of the village. When their father caught the saku, the disease, he wandered into the forest. Now their mother has caught the sickness and banris, the new caer is trying to get her to marry him. Genna and Dan’s mother is also the yihanna, the medicine woman. Dan and Genna sneak out to collect sap to help their mother. Along the way, they meet someone who starts the journey of their lives.
      I liked this book, because the main character isn’t smart or magical. She’s just a farm girl who wants to save the life of the ones she loves. She is just determined. Also, the world in this story has many hidden corners and niches. The plot is complicated, but anything could happen, especially with a certain cat. 

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