Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dog fights-Olivia

Dog fights
The humane society and the police raided a home in Detroit where a man had showed off roosters and dogs he claimed to use to dog fight. A online video was shown  and went viral this week. The man was identified  as a rapper named young calicoe. On wendesday at about noon, investigators brought animals out of the house including roosters and some dogs looking like pitbulls. People had been questioned but it looks like no one was arrested,  police spokes woman says.The humane society is the lead investigator in this case but didn’t release details. They don’t know if dog fighting really happened at the house. The video was just a home tour showing off his animals he claimed were in dog fights.
          Dog fights are cruel. They in jure the dogs, as well as teach them not to trust anything.  Dogs that were in dog fights are usually too violent to be in a family and have to be put down. That is a waste of a dog. Who knows what that dog could have done if it hadn’t  been forced to fight. It could have been a rescue dog or a loved family pet.  That’s the truth of vile dog fights. I don’t see why anyone should even think about having one. They don’t even have them fight for a reason. Just the fact of entertainment is their modus operandi. I hope that the supposed dog fights didn’t happen so no dogs were ruined and neither were the roosters

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