Thursday, August 9, 2012

Luke's article

Kilpatrick`s back?!?!?
In the newspaper today, it seems that the public corruption case of Kwame Kilpatrick, his father, a water boss named Mercado, and a man named Ferguson. They are charged with the crime of corruption because of a multi-million project that authorities say paid $23 million more than necessary, mostly due to Kilpatrick and Mercado lining their own pockets and sending more work towards Ferguson. Unfortunately, this case was postponed multiple times before now, and there seems to be a conflict of interest between Kilpatrick and his lawyer, and Mercado is still attempting to get his own trial instead of a “guilt-by-association” one with the other three men.
Personally, I wish the trial would get on. If there is enough evidence to prove that THEY DID THE CRIME, start a trial, show the evidence, and then hope that the jury actually understands what they`ve been told instead of doing something like letting the men walk away. I know it`ll take longer than that, with jury selections and the actual trial, but after that, the trial should really have been done by now. It`s bad enough that the trial was postponed, and if there keeps being some distraction whenever it`s gonna start the trial might as well be called off.

(the pressure`s starting to get to me…. I can feel it… I CAN FEEL IT!!!!! AAAGGGGHHH!!!!!!!)
Here is a sign of my frustration.

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