Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olivia Book review

The white giraffe
The white giraffe is about a young English GIRL named martine whose parents were killed in a house fire. Her only living relative is a grandmother she didn’t know she had. Who, just happens to live thousands of miles away, in a game reserve in south Africa. Martine does not want to live with her strict grandmother, who she thinks doesn’t want her. Tendai, her grandmother’s assistant, mistakenly lets word of the legend of the white giraffe of sawubona loose. Martine has to find it in a race against time.
             Although I like this book, I seriously don’t see why the main characters of books are orphans. Take for instance, harry potter. He’s a orphan. Artemis fowl- his dad is missing and his mom doesn’t leave her room. Katniss- dad is dead and mother doesn’t take care of children for some time. Sisters grimm- parents in enchanted sleep. I don’t get it.yes, if martine’s parents wouldn’t have died she wouldn’t have moved to Africa and met jemmy. Oops, who is jemmy? You’ll have to find out.

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