Friday, August 10, 2012

Luke Book Review

Dragon lance-War of Souls vol. 1
                This story is set after the events of the “Chaos war” of a previous series. In the beginning, the main(ish) character, Mina, appears after a huge storm sweeps across Ansalon. She then gains the trust of the Neraka knights camped within the valley she came from, healing the minotaur Galdar`s lost right arm and reshaping the armor of the previous (and now deceased) commander. Later, she increases her forces at the siege of Solace/Sharumitn/etc.,etc. I can`t say it, blah blah blah. Via taking control of a mercenary unit hired by the Knights.
                Then, the story shows other protagonists, including the elfish princes Silvan and Gilthas, of the nation’s Silvanesti and Qualinesti respectively. Then comes Gerard and Tas, the Solamnic Knight who wishes for a more honorable post, and the kender whose very existence could have caused the whole world to go out of whack.
Overall, this was a good book, if somewhat confusing. The multiple plots were hard to grasp altogether, and the connections between the stories were almost nil until the ending, when TWO characters met for the first time, and then proceeded to kick the end in the rear to get an ending/cliff-hanger. I liked it, but it was (as I stated) hard to add the stories together at first, so I almost always ended up following mostly one story at any time.

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