Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pages 8 and 9 and book reviews from Liv

The Unfinished Angel is by Sharon Creech. The uNifinished Angel is about an angel who lives in a quiet town. The angel lives in a quiet town. The angel lives in a big tower overlooking everything. BUt a family moves int to the Angels house. The people make the angel think that it is unfinished, but a little girls shows him important lesson.

This book is funny. 1 of the times it was funny was when Zolac (The little girl) tells the anfel about when her brother was born. He almost died, but an angel saved him. The funny part was when they started talking aout angel are not pigeons. Because tha's what Zola said "It looked like Angels are not piegeons!".

Among The Hidden is by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Luke Garner is a third child. By the government's law, he shouldn't have been born. He's been hiding all his life, except for when he was in the woods. But then diaster, the woods are cur down and people move in. But who is that face inside the window while everyone is gone?

The book is adventurous. For example : Luke was never supposed to go outside, But in order to go find who the mysterious face is, he has to. Like see many different places he's never seen just because he went outside. "Out the kitchen and then-out the back door."

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