Tuesday, July 13, 2010

page 5 and 6

Here are the next two pages in Luke's graphic novel:

Liv had Ballet Camp today, but here is her review from Monday.
Flygirl is by Sherrie L. Smith. Ida May Jones always wanted to fly from the moment her daddy took her in the sky. She sees a chance to when her brother Thomas goes to war. That chance is the WASP. The WASP is for women who want to help. They deliver bombs and the planes that they need for the war. Ida is colored but she's light enough that she can get into WASP. She stays there until her mama comes and tells her something is very, very wrong.
This book is sad. As an example: "I was 16, Thomas was 19. That day Papa was working at the field, we don't know what happened. The tractor flipped on Papa and Thomas ran 3 miles and back to get the doctor. But when they came, it was too late. The last words Papa said was 'Look at him fly". I would recommend this to people who are interested in the war and women's rights.

What about last week? We went on vacation! We had a great time in Columbus. Luke had lots of positive things to say about his video game camp and we enjoyed visiting Columbus with the McMasters and cousins Sara and Olivia and even sneaking up to Cleveland to hang out with the Baylor gals!

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