Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book Review for June 30th, 2010

The Water Mirror

The Water Mirror is by Kai Meyer. The Water Mirror is about two girls who go to live with a mirror-maker. Next door lives a weaver. Their apprentices have been rivals for a long time. Merle (the oldest) falls in love with one of the weaver's apprentices, Serafin.

Some of the reasons that I liked this book were that it has magic in it. One of the times it had magic in it was when the mirror maker made special mirrors. Junipa was blind for all her life, but putting the mirror inside her eyes made her able to see. "Instead of eyes, silvery mirrors glittered under her lids." Ialso liked that it was adventurous. It has water creatures and mythical ones.

I would reccomend it to girls.

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